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Casino Genesis Online 2017 is the high quality gaming product for use in terrestrial internet cafe and computer gaming clubs.

Innovative contrast of this gaming system is the complete remote control of your gaming room. All financial transactions , you can manage from anywhere in the world without being physically in the cafe!

We have developed a program of the operator to remotely control the gaming club online , which works perfectly on any device (smartphone, tablet , laptop , desktop computer) , any operating system (Windows, Linux, Android, MAC OS) and completely wherever you are!

Home - a gambling room complex for an Cyber cafe

We offer you a professional idea for a gambling room organization - 'Network slot machines versions'. Initially we used to offer only one type of software - a classic offline one that contained a standard set of games. While using this kind of software many of our customers suggested us ideas of how to improve this version. We have considered all the comments and now we're glad to introduce you the offline and online software versions with a great variety of most popular games. Each version has its own distinctive features, according to which you can pick up the software that is absolutely correspondent to all your requirements and absolutely suitable for your club.

Gambling business today may be organized in many different ways: one may choose a gaming operator service and pay a high interest for using his servers; one may purchase shady software versions at unreliable websites; one may also download outdated soft from torrents, but eventually one has a possibility to become our customers!


игровые автоматы оффлайн
video slots

Multigame METEORA OFFLINE 2016

игровые автоматы

Multigame METEORA HYBRID 2016

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slot machine

Multigame METEORA ONLINE 2016

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Casino 2015 Deluxe Offline

online slots gaminator

Casino 2015 Deluxe Hybrid

online gaminator games

Casino 2015 Deluxe Online

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Horse and dogs races


Keno lottery

игровые автоматы

European roulette

игровые автоматы оффлайн

Video slots Offline

игровые автоматы онлайн

Video slots Online

игровые автоматы

Video slots Hybrid

Archive software - Archive software - software, previously developed and sold by our company since 2008. After the latest system Offline / Online Data 2014 Final Edition release, these versions don't have our technical support anymore. In connection with it, you can purchase software from the manufacturer with a reasonable discount on the cheapest price. Installation instructions are included in the kit.

Multi-gaminator, Igrosoft

Multigambler Offline Basic | BUY

Multi-gaminator, Igrosoft, Duomatic

Multigambler Offline Ultimate | BUY

Multi-gaminator, Igrosoft

Multigambler Offline Platinum | BUY

Multi-gaminator, Igrosoft, Duomatic

Multigambler ONLINE Ultimate | BUY

Multi-gaminator, Igrosoft

Multigambler Online Platinum | BUY

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