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INTERSOFT GAMBLE UTILITY - utilities set for the management and protection of graphic logs

The program includes a set of tools to work with popular offline and online gaming systems CoolFire2, Igrosoft, Duomatic Mega Jack from different manufacturers.

Intersoft Gamble Utility

Key features:

1. Remapping of the keys for one keyboard layout for the entire set of the games.

2. Saving logs (screenshots) during the game or at any other event.

3. Ban of the game in case of possible cheating.

4. Prohibition of any system key combinations (like Alt+Tab, Win, Ctrl + Esc , Alt+F4 etc) duing the game.

Remapping of the keys

Замена клавиш управления

By installing games on the terminals or using the additional keyboard for the games, the necessity of setting the uniform control keypad for all the games occurs. This program automatically defines the type of the game ran and remaps the keys to a pre-installed that makes all the games controlled by the same keys. The program allows to set the following keys (each key can be assigned to any key on the keyboard): Hold1, Hold3, Hold5, Hold7, Hold9, Bet(Double,Red), MaxBet(Blcak), SelectGame, AutoStart, Help, Quit, Start.

Saving logs (screenshots)

Ведение логов игр

The program can save a log of games in the form of screenshots. Unlike other programs, log files are created not according to the time interval, but only when any activity on your computer is noticed (pressing the key or a mouse click). It saves free space on your hard drive, and doesn't clog up the log folders with unnecessary screenshots during the gaming terminal idle time. To save the hard disk space you can set the quality of screenshots saved. The program assigns the screenshots in folders automatically, the folders are sorted by dates and the subdirectories names correspond to the logs creation dates. So you get a complete visual record of all the actions on the terminal, which is a sufficient argument for effective resolution of possible disputes arising when using a terminal (or a computer).

Ban of the game in case of possible cheating or playing according to 'algorithms' in the Igrosoft game set

Комбинация игрософт

Currently all the gaming systems using the Igrosoft game set let the player to get the interest accrued due to the well-known algorithm of the game. The essence of this algorithm is to play at the minimum stake, with its sharp increase, as well as switching from one game to another (switching to the game menu or exit the program). This algorithm is a part of the 'Igrosoft' games math. Since the main idea of this algorithm is exactly switching from one game to another (or going to the game menu), the program helps to protect your business from such situation in the following way: it blocks the access to the game menu and blocks the function of exit the game as long as the credit has a positive value. In other words, a player can't change the game (neither by the keys, nor by the mouse) until his account will have a positive value. This method allows giving 100% guarantee that cheating is impossible.

As mentioned above, the algorithm works practically with all systems that use an 'Igrosoft' games set available today. That's why several options to work with similar games of different systems are added in our programs. Most often games developed by different systems differ only by a change in program title bars, so you can customize the titles of the windows yourselves or by consulting us that will help you to use the program within the previously acquired system.

The program almost doesn't manifest itself visually; it works in the system tray and doesn't require any additional control.

Комбинация игрософт

Для защиты от несанкционированного доступа к программе вы можете установить пароль на вход в настройки, а так же не выход из программы, что бы игрок не мог закрыть программу во время игры.

Demo version

To protect the system against unauthorized access to the program, you can set a password to enter the settings, as well as not to exit the program. This way the player will have no possibility to exit the program during the game. You can download a demo version of the program to make sure it works well and also to check the compatibility with your gaming system.

Download demo

The Demo Version limitations:

The program closes automatically every 2 hours

The program allows you to remap the keys, but their value will be returned to the default values every time you restart the program.

The program provides with up to 5 screenshots per session

When the 'Igrosoft game protection' is activated, going to the game menu and closing the application is possible only with the stake value of 1000, i.e. in case the player has the stake value over 1000 - he can go to the game menu again or exit the game, that allows to play according to algorithm, having a stake value over 1000.

The function of changing the password is off in the Demo version.

Instructions for installing and configuring the Demo version:

Run the IGambleUtility_Demo_Setup.exe file, then following the installer instructions install the software on your computer.

Run the program (it may take a while depending on the protection system used). Just after the run of the program it will appear in the tray (next to the clock on your desktop).

Right-click the program icon, then select 'Settings'.

Configure the program according to your requirements, closing the window the main program window will be closed, but the program will still be available in the tray. Now you can start working!

Attention: activating the password protection, the default password is Demo.

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