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Keno Lottery

Traditional Keno is a kind of a lottery game similar to "Bingo" or "Sports Lottery." The game is accomplished by the random loss of twenty numbers from 1 to 80, the gain is determined by the number of correctly predicted numbers by the player and the odds depend on a quantity of numbers, which was on a bet, the player may usually choose from 1 to 8 numbers.

The software complex "PIGGYKENO" is an interactive analogue of the entertainment lottery game Keno. The program is designed to be used in Internet cafes or bookmakers and allowed for a public lottery keno. Acceptance of bets is made by a computer operator, and the game results are displayed on a second monitor (or plasma screen), so to get started you will need a minimum set of equipment: the computer and the second monitor. As an extension the program supports a receipt printer and a barcode scanner that allows a more comfortable working with the program and accelerates the process of accepting bets and payouts. This software complex has flexible settings, the support of two languages, currency selection for your country, as well as complete statistics about the number of games, accepted, canceled and paid bets. The program has a jackpot as well with the adjustable parameters of issue. This type of lottery is very popular among the players around the world, which in turn gives a steady income to the institution host!

Program Description

The software complex PIGGYKENO consists of two main modules:

The module of the operator:
The module of animation:

The module of the operator - this is the main window of program management, it accepts the adoption of games, cancellation and tickets payment, runs launch control.

The module of animation - is displayed on the second computer screen (TV), and serves to show the public game of the players and in the window displays information about the three previous games, the table of payments and the state of the Jackpot.

The process of drawing is following: the operator accepts a bet on the numbers pointed by players, then the program prints out the receipt (if there is a printer), which displays the amount of the bet, the selected numbers, date and time of the operation, as well as a bar code with the number of ticket, then the client waits for the start of the game with his bet. The number of bets is not limited; there is also the possibility of opening a ticket immediately for the next few rounds. All this time the second screen displays the demo information

After the start of the game on the second screen starts an animated drawing, the screen appears alternately piggy banks, which being broken with the hammer give coins with the winning numbers, the player compares the winning numbers with those specified in his ticket. Thus one can have an unlimited number of players involved. At the end of the game the second screen begins to display a demo information again.

At the end of the next game, if the player wins he gives a ticket to the operator, the operator checks ticket number with the help of the bar code scanner (or enters it manually), then the program produces data on the ticket and if ticket wins, the operator pays out the sum the program displays, after the payment the program makes a check proving the issuing of the prize.

Jackpot - Jackpot - The program has a funded Jackpot, which forms the basis of the overall balance. Jackpot has flexible settings, the description of which can be found in Settings.

For more information see Job Description

100% Offline ! The main advantage of PIGGYKENO over the similar systems is the work in "Offline" mode, which means the program does not have bindings to the server and its functioning does not require Internet access, you have the complete control over the management of the program. Once having established our system you will not have to pay interest for the connection to the server and you will get 100% of the profits from lotteries.

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