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How to use Piggykeno


Log into the administrative panel is made by a pair of login / password. There are three types of users:

1. Administrator has all the rights. Can customize the parameters of the game, view / reset statistics of the previous games, cashiers and managers to control and create additional entries for them.

2. Manager has access to the statistics section and can monitor the cashiers, shoot and print statistics of the previous games.

3. Cashier provides direct acceptance of the bets of applicants to play the game, does payments, can view only a short statistics.

After the authorization the betting menu is active.

  • Table of 80 cells with numbers (the same as TV-panel). In this table cashier records the bet of the player's who wants to participate (from 1 to 8 numbers).

  • Menu "Shuffle" the name speaks for itself - you can select the numbers accidentally and make a bet on them (from 1 to 8 numbers).

  • Menu "Forecast" after the selection of numbers to bet, you can choose the number of rounds in which the combination of numbers will be (1, 2, 4, 5, 10 runs).

  • For example, the player has selected six numbers to participate in the game: 1, 28, 73, 44, 55, 9, and made a forecast for 5 runs. This combination of (1, 28, 73, 44, 55, 9) will automatically take part in the next 5 rounds.

  • Menu "VALUE" selection of the bet value for the next round. The administrator can specify the minimum and maximum rate limit in program options.

  • The button "Clear" when you click on the "Clear" it will remove the selected number from the table. It is used in cases when the cashier makes a mistake while taking a player's bet, or bet reception begins for the next player.

  • The button "Cancel" an opportunity to make the abolition of bets before the game starts. If the game has begun - the cancellation is not possible.

  • The button "Ticket" acceptance of the bet. After clicking there the ticket is taken, printed on the receipt printer, given to the hands of the player, saved in the statistics section and waits for end of the round.

  • The button "Game" after pressing the button the game starts, which is visually seen on the TV-panel.

  • The program PiggyKeno includes three modes of the game:

    1. Manual the game starts when you click "Game." It means, the cashier can start drawing at any time (for example, if you no longer wish to participate in the game).

    2. Automati the game is started automatically after a certain period of time. Interval may be specified in the settings manager. For example, if the option is equal to 10, the game will start with an interval of 10 minutes and players will need time to make a bet before the game.

    3. Mixed the game will begin, as in the automatic mode after a certain period of time, but the cashier will be able to start drawing early by pressing the "Circulation".

  • Button 'Payment' at the end of the game in the case of winning the player may go to the cashier, show the ticket and get the win. The cashier can verify the ticket number through the menu "Payment", or check the ticket's bar code and then pay out the winnings.

Playing Field (TV-panel)

The image of the playfield is displayed on TV plasma and players can visually observe the game.

If the game has not yet begun the TV is active in demo mode. Players can view the payout table and the results of the last three rounds.

If the game was played with the jackpot then the jackpot amount the winning ticket number are displayed.

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