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Reports and statistics Piggykeno

The button "Reports" Ц is the entrance to the full statistics menu of the program Piggykeno. In the menu of reports there are four sections:

1. Statistics Цin this section you can watch a Short / General statistics.

  • Short statistics Ц a daily report that includes the amount of open, canceled, paid tickets, the balance (profit) and the total amount of unpaid tickets

  • General statistics Ц statistics for the entire period of work. You can select any day, period and view a detailed report.

2. Tickets Ц the detailed statistics on the requested tickets. It is possible to view the report on delivered, canceled, winning, paid tickets for any period of time or for each separate game.

3. Game Ц detailed statistics on past games. It commits 20 of 80 numbers dropped out in each round.

4. Jackpot Ц the statistics on paid jackpots.

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