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9 May 2016 Release of Multigame Casino Meteora 2016!!!

игровые автоматы оффлайн

Video Slots Offline

игровые автоматы

Video Slots Hybrid

игровые автоматы онлайн

Video Slots Online

January 29, 2016 - Wireless Board Wireless Games slot machines

Wireless gaming board WireLess Games are an innovative development company Intersoft! The novelty of these devices is transfer game data and video sound through the air , which allows for remote play on the original motherboard slot machines.

17 December 2014 release of Casino 2015 DELUXE EDITION!

December 17, 2014 , we launched the sale of a line of completely new products Casino 2015 DELUXE EDITION!

игровые автоматы оффлайн

Offline 2015 Deluxe

игровые автоматы

Hybrid 2015 Deluxe

игровые автоматы онлайн

Online 2015 Deluxe

30 January 2014 release complexes to create the playing hall Offline/Online/Hybrid 2014

In the new version with the following changes:

1. Added braking drum set games Mega Jack (on request of many clients)

2. Expedited data transfer operation over the network

3. Made a number of changes in the mathematics of sets of games Multi-Gaminator and Igrosoft

4. Optimized the functionality of the "Jackpot"

5. Optimized work with consoles

6. Changed the behavior of the Protocol on charge/withdrawal of credits in the set of games Mega Jack

игровые автоматы оффлайн
игровые автоматы онлайн
игровые автоматы

New year DISCOUNTS of 30 percent on all software!!!

C 7 to 20 January 2014 we have a new year discount offer - 30% discount on any software!!!

The discount applies to all products! On discount and acquisition of software products, please call: 8-800-555-9570, 8-905-832-9520

20 July 2013 release of software for bookmakers "Inter Races"

Software betting complex Inter Races" is a powerful and reliable solution for bookmakers and gambling clubs. The program allows betting on horse racing, Greyhound racing and keno.

11 December 2012 release of software for Internet cafes Hybrid 2013 Final Edition

Multigambler HYBRID 2013 FE - software solution for rooms with very low Internet speed or availability of the Internet on the computer operator.

9 December 2012 release of software for Internet cafe Online 2013 Final Edition

Multigambler ONLINE 2013 FE - software solution to ensure the maximum level of control over Your club. You can control your business from anywhere in the world. For this all You need is a laptop and the access point to the Internet

25 November 2012 release of software for Internet cafes Offline 2013 Final Edition

Multigambler OFFLINE 2013 FE is not just a great software for Your Internet cafe! The product has unique features and gives You maximum convenience in the administration's club.

8 October 2012 release lottery program InterKeno

Software complex "Inter Keno is similar interactive entertainment lottery game KENO (Keno).

May 20, 2012 release E-registration system of payments Pincode 2012

The program Pincode is an emulator of the payment system for electronic payments through the operator. Pincode works in conjunction with Multigame Offline/Online 2012 FE and greatly simplifies the process of control and management of Internet cafes.

February 16, 2012 release European roulette

European roulette with audio in Russian calculated on an individual game client for a personal computer in an Internet cafe.

November 11, 2011 release of the LIQUIDATOR 2012 - instant cleaning computers (ALARM AGENT v.1.1)

Alarm Agent (liquidator) - a utility for cleaning the operator and the client computers from the game software in case of force majeure.

November 10, 2011 release of software for the online club Online 2012 FE

October 28, 2011 release of software for the Internet-club 2012 Offline FE

October 28, 2011 release of software for the Internet-club 2012 Offline FE


C 10 to August 31, we have summer discount promotion - 20% discount on any software!!!

June 17, 2011 release lottery program for draws keno PIGGYKENO

The software complex "PIGGYKENO" - similar interactive entertainment lottery game KENO. The program is intended for use in an Internet cafe or bookmakers and allows you to conduct a public lottery Keno.


Multi-gaminator, Igrosoft

According to the tradition established from the very beginning of the existence of our project for the new year, we are having a massive sale!))) This year new year discount will be 25% on any product! The promotion will run from December 20, 2010 January 20, 2011


Added a new set of games Igrosoft and Belatra. Added game Hikingboots, Fruit Cocktail 2, Island 2, Alcatraz, Fairy Land. The system includes a set of games, Duomatic, Multigaminator CF1, Multigaminator CF2. In total, the package 80

29 ноября 2010 года релиз Intersoft Gamble Utility

Intersoft Gamble Utility

The program includes a set of utilities for working with popular offline and online gaming systems CoolFire2, Igrosoft, Duomatic Mega Jack from different manufacturers.

From 5 to 25 June we are holding a summer discount promotion!


All buyers in this period will be granted a discount of 30% on any product from our website!!!

5 may 2010 - the release of a new online system MULTIGAMBLER ONLINE ULTIMATE v.5.0!!!!

сетевая версия онлайн

The new system includes more than 70 popular games (CF1, CF2, Igrosoft, Duomatic, Mega Jack), is more powerful and convenient control system, developed from scratch, pleasant interface (shell menu). It is also an opportunity to enter the game through the browser!!! The previous system MultiGambler v Online.4.1 withdrawn from sale.

From 15 April to 2 may all our sites did not work and were not available to clients


This happened in connection with the quarrel hosting provider Machost and Oversun-mercury”. It is not clear who in this debate right or wrong, but, as a fact, because it has suffered more than 30 thousand known in Runet sites and their visitors. You can read more HERE. Due to the technical problems had delayed the release of the online system MULTIGAMBLER ONLINE.

30 March 2010 - release shell menu! Now all the games you can choose from a single menu

Mega Jack

30 MARCH 2010 - video system Multigambler Ultimate Offline

25 March 2010 - the release of new offline systems

Дуоматик, игрософт, гейминатор

release new offline systems Multigambler Offline Basic and Multigambler Offline Ultimate. Gold Offline withdrawn from sale.

меа джек, CF1, CF2


March 22 was the release of Mega Jack. The plan was to release 2 games (Aztec Gold and Champagne), but in the end, we are happy to provide for Your attention the full game menu from 12 games!

Mega Jack

For the first time in Runet presents a selection of games Mega Jack with the original math, sound and graphics! In the near future - the ONLINE VERSION of MEGA JACK!!!

New year discounts

Новогодние скидки

The period of discounts extended due to holiday weekend until January 31, 2010.

Congratulations to all the visitors and customers of our customers a happy New Year and past new year holidays! We wish You health, happiness, prosperity to Your business and a large number of visitors to Your clubs! I hope that 2010 will be the year of our mutually beneficial and fruitful cooperation!!!

20 November 2009 - release Multi-Gambler Online


Multi-Gambler Online innovative online software with the ability to transfer deposits through the Internet, for which it is sufficient to install a regular hosting with MySQL and PHP support!!!/p>

This system is delivered to the client under the key - buy, install and work on yourself - NO INTEREST AND, DEPENDING ON the OPERATOR!!! And with all this there is the possibility to connect to other clubs for a percentage.

October 16, 2009 - Added Lotto-version Igrosoft.

- All games remade for Lotto: Russian game titles, changed the main title line bets

- If You have already installed Igrosoft in the club, You can simply buy DAT. the files and replace them in your version to upgrade it to the Lotto

October 9, 2009 - Added version Offline Gold.

Multi-gaminator, Igrosoft, Duomatic

The system is a software system for the organization's places in the Internet club. The communication client-server is based on TCP/IP Protocol (data is encrypted) , which allows the system to run in a local network and the Internet!

October 1, 2009 - open secondary site

Multi-gaminator, Igrosoft, Duomatic

open the secondary site in support of the project You can now find us on these two locations.

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