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Electronic European Roulette

Electronic European Roulette with sound is designed for an individual game client at the PC in an Internet-cafe. Gameplay is a continuous cycle of self-play, and it doesn't require any additional staff working in the room. Each game begins when the player presses the "START" button.

Settings (rules, limits) are carried out before the game back. During the game rules and restrictions can't be changed.

The game corresponds to the classic European Roulette with a dealer. Play patterns duplicate the real stakes. The only difference from a real roulette table is a high-quality 3D-graphics gaming wheel. On the monitor in front of the player there is a graphic representation of the field and a roulette game 3D-wheel. You can bet by clicking the mouse to play the keyboard in the form of roulette playing field (if the display is touch-sensitive, then the stakes can be done simply by touching the screen).

игровые автоматы демо
игровые автоматы демо

The monitor displays the player's stakes, as well as the number of credits, the total rate of the current game, winning bids, the number of credits won, the current spun number, the last 10 numbers dropped, and text messages.

To start the player should purchase the credits from cyber-cafe operator. Depositing the credit is conducted via the operator's program installed on the administrative computer. To withdraw the credit the customer should refer to the operator as well. Won credits of the player are paid in cash at the cash register of the cyber-cafe

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