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Keno Lottery - a gambling room complex for an Cyber cafe

MultiGambler Online – is the innovative online software with the possibility to transfer the deposits via the Internet, that requires just the usual setup hosting with MySQL and PHP. You will have a personal account on the Internet and will be able to control your game rooms, to appoint the managers for each room or for the network of rooms and to view logs of operations conducted. An important point is that the game runs through the Intersoft Web Browser (in case you use it, your customer will have a possibility to combine playing the games with surfing on the Internet.

We offer you 3 versions of Multigambler Online: Online 2014, Online Platinum и Online ULTIMATE. As the Online 2014 Final Edition is the latest product of our company, we would like to provide you with the detailed information about it. The information about all the other Online programs versions is available at the ONLINE PLATINUM and ONLINE ULTIMATE

This system is provided on a turnkey basis, all you need is just to purchase it, install it and start working, being independent and paying to interest to the operator. Besides you'll have a possibility to connect other clubs to this system and to get regular interest.

The game room control system includes the following modules:

1. Intersoft WebBrowser is installed on the client computer. It looks like the average browser and gives the possibility to surf the Internet, but it also contains the game resources. Surfing the Internet the client can go the running game section and start playing. This module is installed on each client computer (the terminal). To start the game the computer must have an Internet server connection, as part of the files, needed to run the game, are downloaded from the server. If there is no Internet connection, playing the games is impossible.

Онлайн Multi-gaminator, Igrosoft, Duomatic

2. Authorization module and the management of Internet cafe

2. This module is responsible for managing the game process (credits deposit and withdrawal, interest benefits setting and other game parameters), as well as for accounting the deposits, connection with the Deposit-server and viewing the server logs. The new office has a multi-authorization. You can create any number of users: supervisors, operators and managers.

Онлайн Multi-gaminator, Igrosoft, Duomatic

Net Monitor – is the customer management menu, returns percent settings, settings changing and game reset.

Онлайн Multi-gaminator, Igrosoft, Duomatic

Settings – authorization control menu on the server for creating entries for operators and managers and game machines connections.

Онлайн Multi-gaminator, Igrosoft, Duomatic

Онлайн Multi-gaminator, Igrosoft, Duomatic

Logs – Logs view menu

3. Game server – is a server that stores the upload of the game (can be combined with the deposit server).

4. Deposit Server – a module that is installed on the host for conducting the remote control of the deposit, helps to add, delete and edit the rooms (customers) and appoint managements for the game rooms, as well as view logs.

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